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JP Morgan, Monday 16 April 2007

JP Morgan: YTL Corp - A rich reawakening - 'overweight', target price RM9.20
JP Morgan: Why we like YTL in 90 seconds,
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JP Morgan has an Overweight recommendation on YTL, with a Price Target of M$9.20. "We believe YTL is at the start of another earnings cycle following a period of consolidation and M&A. The risk-reward scenario for YTL looks compelling. It is one of our large cap top picks in Malaysia rig...


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YTL Community, Saturday 17 March 2007

YTLe-Solutions wins WiMAX license

"I am very pleased and excited that YTLE through Bizsurf has won this important spectrum award. We look forward to bringing a new impetus and dimension to the Malaysian Telecommunications industry and the opportunity to offer all Malaysians a very high quality and affordable service, a philo...


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YTL Community, Wednesday 14 February 2007

YTL launches Climate Change Week

The solutions, by consensus of the world’s most foremost experts, is carbon tax. In essence, it must be applied to every industry that uses fossil fuels, every home or building with a heating system, every motorist, and every public transportation system. Believe me, the moment you put even...


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YTL Group, Thursday 8 February 2007

YTL Corp half-year net profit up 15.1% to RM554 million

YTL Corp Group Managing Director Tan Sri Dato’ (Dr) Francis Yeoh said, "Increased contributions from the utilities division, together with improved operating results from the Group’s cement manufacturing and trading activities, have been the main drivers for growth this quarter a...


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ECM Libra Avenue, Wednesday 31 January 2007

ECM Libra Avenue: BUY YTL Power International; target price RM2.98

ECM Libra Avenue makes a BUY call on YTL Power International Berhad and recommends a target price of RM2.98.



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