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YTL Corp, Thursday 23 November 2023

YTL Corp's 1st Quarter Profit After Tax Surges 660% to RM940 Million (US$200 Million) on the Back of 16% Revenue Growth to RM7.5 Billion (US$1.6 Billion)

YTL Corporation Berhad's revenue increased 16% to RM7,521.0 million (US$1,603.6 mn) for the 3 months ended 30 September 2023 compared toRM6,488.7 million (US$1,383.5 mn) for the previous corresponding 3 months ended 30 September 2022.



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YTL Corporation, Thursday 24 August 2023

YTL Corp Group’s Full-Year Profit After Tax Leaps 42% to RM2.1 Billion (US$442 Million) 

Executive Chairman, Tan Sri (Sir) Francis Yeoh said, “The Group achieved outstanding results in this financial year, with record-high revenue of RM29.5 billion and profit before tax of RM2.7 billion. Our utilities segment accomplished excell...


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YTL Corporation, Thursday 25 May 2023

YTL Corp Group's 3rd Quarter Profit After Tax Jumps 235% to RM659 Million (US$146 Million)

YTL Corp Executive Chairman, Tan Sri (Sir) Francis Yeoh said, "The Group registered stronger results in the current quarter, with almost all business segments turning in better performances. Our utilities segment achieved exponential growth whilst...


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YTL Corporation, Thursday 23 February 2023

YTL Corp's Half-Year Revenue Increases 10% to RM13.1 Billion (US$3.0 Billion) & Profit Jumps 33% to RM320 Million (US$73 Million)

YTL Corp Executive Chairman, Tan Sri (Sir) Francis Yeoh Sock Ping, PSM, KBE, said, “The Group registered a solid set of results in the second quarter of 2023, mainly contributed by our utilities and hotels segments, with the cement division ...


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YTL Corp, Thursday 19 January 2023

RAM Ratings Upgrades & Reaffirms the Credit Quality of All Three Key Entities of the YTL Corp Group

The Executive Chairman of YTL Corp Group, Tan Sri (Sir) Francis Yeoh, said, "We are blessed that RAM has both upgraded and reaffirmed our credit rating in all our three listed operating entities. This is due to the diligence and continual focus of...


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